Metanomics interview with Philip Linden

No doubt others will blog about the content of the interview between Philip Linden and Beyers Sellers today at the Metanomics studio. I do have one thing to add about the possible merger of the teen and main grids. Nightmare! I would think there would be a demand that there be a visual way to identify teens or a flag in their profile to deny them entry to sims or parcels. This will pretty much lead to ostracizing them. That’s not a very pleasant place to be for them. Also in today’s uber touchy environment if you’re seen socializing with a teen you could easily be smeared with the pedophile tag.  Sad but true. I think a better solution is to allow more vetted adults into the teen grid like a teen’s parents and educators. Heck! Get Torley in there to help run events and engage those kids! Torley is a natural teacher.

Now on to what I am better at, pictures!

Philip, honestly, you need a makeover. Even Beyers said so
Philip Linden and Beyer Sellers
Prospero and Robin were there:
Prospero Linden Robin Linden, Me, and Jane2 McMahon

Prokofy looked pretty damned serious in this Asian avatar:
Prokofy Neva ala Asian style

What often happens when the grid is maxing out with online users (about 77K when the interview was conducted) funny things happen. Prims begin to disappear and become phantom.
Parts of the building disappear
Poor Daniel Voyager who just recently graduated to the main grind sank into the floor and found the secret bunker for the SLCN.TV staff
Daniel Voyager fell through the floor and found a stash of SLCN employees there

Jane2 McMahon was there as a gatekeeper. Thanks for letting me in dear!
Jane2 McMahon

And to finish this post, Maggie Mahoney. Simply Lovely….
Maggie Mahoney