January 22nd News Conference Re: Acquisition of Onrez and X-Street SL

Press Conference 22 January 2009

Last night I received an invitation to the Linden press conference where questions will be answered about Linden Lab’s acquisition of X-Street SL and Onrez. I ruminated a bit and came up with a couple of questions and I queried a few business friends as to what their concerns were.  Below are the questions and a summation of their answers as I understood them:

1) Will competitors like Apez.biz be allowed to continue operate in the same
fashion as before?

2)Will the use of in world terminals continue?
*for the time being yes, but will be phased out

3)Have they considered the impact this will make on the 3D environment. If everyone can sell their creations via a search interface, it is quite possible that we will see people begin to abandon shops in favor of this method instead of paying tier or rent?

*It’s been thought out, minimal impact

4) What features of ONREZ will migrate to X-Street?

* Store fronts, and possibly more

5)In the long range, assuming the DMCA  issues ever get ironed out, will this new service be accessible to private grids?

*no definate plans, but not out of the question

So there you go. X-Street will cannibalize Onrez to a degree and the whole shopping experience will be integrated into the viewer at some point. They promise not to discourage or inhibit others from doing the same thing. We’ll just see how this all pans out. A good sign that some degree of continuity will be established is that the owner of X-Street is now a Linden, Calyle Linden. So we got that going for us, which is nice 😉 .

Radar Masakumi got permission from Melissa Linden to record the event since all the Lindens used voice to answer questions. Expect his next podcast to contain that audio. His site can be found here: http://slundertheradar.com/

Below is some pics of the event:

Calyle, Colossus, Grant, T, and Catherine Linden
Lindens Calyle, Colossus, Grant, T, and Catherine

Dizzy, Melissa, Beyers, & Zee
Dizzy Banjo,Melissa Linden, Beyers Sellers, and Zee Linden (woof!!)

Tinsel Silvera, Pete Linden, Me, & Katt Kongo
Tinsel Silvera, Pete Linden, Me, and Katt Kongo

More below the fold…..

Bevan Whitfield, Ram Linden, Radar Masakumi
Bevan Whitfield, Ram Linden, & Radar Masakumi

Saffi Widdershins & Mal Burns
Saffi Widdershins & the happy smoker Mal Burns

Raul Crimson
Raul Crimson

P.S. Some of the Lindens really needed a makeover. At least they sould have a nice skin and not the default!