I Am…

…. in RL markedly different from my SL avatar. But I assure you I am very human.
Pleasant thoughts
I have a big heart. If you get close to me then it’s a safe bet I love you.

Song in my heart

I’m often alone in world. An IM out of the blue can startle me, but I become excited at the prospect somebody wants to interact with me.
Alone Again Or...

I am a giver. The most precious gift one can give is their time. If I am with you is because you are worth it.

I am a sucker for compliments and for people taking an interest in what I am doing.

I am loyal to a fault. A fault that causes me grief a lot as I trust explicitly and blindly.

To the bone

I am not a feed you drop from your reader.

“Digital People” is a big cop out. You are not an A.I. living on the grid. You are a fellow human being and are responsible for your actions.

I do not like being used or lied to.

I am not your keeper.

My biggest fault is my inability to forgive. If you’ve been honest all along I’ll forgive, but deceive me or treat me like an object and you are worthless in my eyes.

I have hope……………
So tired of the snow