The Month in pictures

A bit early but I felt the need to do a post :).

It all started a bit chilly
Alone and cold

Alicia gives me an eyeful!!!
Alicia Chenaux

A new skin for the boy and umm, Ginger? Did you swap out an X chrmosone for a Y?
Rav gets a new skin

I slip Ribbons some benadryl 🙂
Ribbons is drowsy, me too

Dancing on the ceiling! Clop Clop!
Suction Cup feet

Valentines day!
I am Cupid - 1

Happy Valentine's day!

Valentines 5

Wasn’t this guy a regular on the Howard Stern Show?
Meat Carver shows off

Summer Dreaming
Meta Magic Studio 3

Sometimes my attitude stinks
Bad Attitude