Chapter 8 – Breakfast of Champions

The black skillet did not betray its temperature until a thin strip of margarine landed in the middle and melted quickly. “Crack” went the egg against the lip of the skillet. Rav pulled the shell apart and the gooey insides plopped on top of the bubbly margarine. The spatula split the yolk and it ran over the top of  the now solidifying egg.

“This is a friend egg, not an omelette. Sarah doesn’t care for omelettes.” , Said Rav matter-of-factly.

GoSpeed watched as Rav cracked open 3 eggs into a Tupperware bowl and whipped them up with a fork creating an yellowish blend. In went the chopped onion, mushrooms, bits of American cheese, bell pepper and bits of bacon. The smell was beginning to make her drool. Embarrassed, she wiped her lip hoping Rav wouldn’t notice.

Sarah had awakened and came downstairs drawn by the smell of food. Rav directed Sarah to the toaster and she bean to make toast.

GoSpeed watched, fascinated. She hungrily eyed Sarah’s food as Rav put the fried egg on her plate. As Rav took the plate to the toaster to retrieve the toast Go fought the urge to stick her finger into the uncooked omlette and give it a taste. Rav added a bit more margarine to the skillet and was about to pour the omlette when he decided to give it to Go. Go poured the mix into the skillet and watched as the gelatinous goo solidified and turned whitish. Rav handed her the spatula and told her to stir it up a bit.

“There, scrape it of the bottom, this is scrambling in a way. You have to make sure it’s fully cooked, yet does not get burned.”

“Whoo hoo! I am cooking”, thought Go. After a few minutes Rav said it was done and took the spatula from Go. He cut it into 3 equal pieces and placed the slices onto plates. They sat down to eat and drink at the table
with Sarah. Go savored every bite, making yummy sounds as she did. Rav heard her, but it took him a moment to realize that she was vocalizing.

“Taste good?”

GoSpeed shook her head yes. Rav was hoping to hear a spoken response. Maybe in time. Go did have vocal cords, she just didn’t know how to use them (yet?).

“Iza will be down in a bit to get her portion, are you hungry for something else?”

No, she shook her head in response. Now that’s willpower, she’ll stay lean in real life for sure Rav thought wryly. OK, what next? Really, where do I go from here, he pondered. Sunday morning, things were slow paced on the weekend. Lets just see where things take us I suppose.

Sarah in the meantime had opened one of the shades in the dining room and Go’s eyes were immediately drown to the outside world. It was late April and the buds were beginning to sprout on the trees. In another week or so it would be time to mow the grass too. A squirrel darted up a tree trunk right outside the window.

Go’s mouth opened in amazement.

“Do you want to go outside?”

“YES!”, she nodded excitedly.

“OK, can you rez a jacket, it’s a little chilly out there, about 50 degrees.”

In a blink a red jacket with a hoodie appeared. A Frangipani freebie from last March, he recalled.

“OK, lets go out side then.”

Rav collected his jacket and led GoSpeed out the front door into the bright morning sun. GoSpeed squinted in the bright light and sheilded her eyes. She removed her hand to reveal a pair of sunglasses.

“Nice shades. ROLE sunglasses!”

Go smiled and looked down the steps, considering them. She seemed to hesitate until Rav offered a hand. Rav noticed she seemed a bit heavier than yesterday. Perhaps that was affecting her balance. Together they walked into the grass pausing by a tree. Go closed her eyes. She felt the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze, the sounds of the birds, the drone of a power mower in the distance. She took a deep breath…. and could smell, grass, pine needles, and stone? Asphalt she thought, whatever that was. This was intoxicating, she had to sit down before she fell down.She sat on the grass, leaned back and looked into the skies, watched the birds flitter about, the clouds drift over. “I could learn to love this she thought and she tugged on Rav’ pant leg and motioned him to join her…..