F*** My SL Life, the blog

Recently I discovered this website and was very entertained by the anecdotes and tales of woe. FMYLIFE primarily deals with Real Life stories but it occurs to me that SL mirrors RL and we have have our sad/humorous/unfair stories to tell. Some examples from Fmylife:

“Today, after work I went to the parking lot to my car to go home. I found my car doors heavily scratched and all my tires cut, with a note on my windshield. The note read, “Fuck you, Jackson. Don’t fuck with me.” I’m Tyler, Jackson is my co-worker. FML”

“Today, I was eating at Steak N’ Shake. I noticed that the cute waitress was checking me out. When I was done with my meal she wrote her number on the ticket. So, as I was walking out the door, I turned around to wave at her, and walked into a metal bar next to the door. FML”

I have decided to follow suit and create a blog for our own brand of story. http://fmyslife.wordpress.com If you have a submission then please drop me a notecard. No identifying names will be used and your privacy will be protected. I’ll be adding more editors to solicit and post stories. If anyone knows of an anonymous way to pass stories on let me now :).

F*** My SL Life