The month in pictures (March 2009)

Dancing at the AM Radio build
Party at AM Radio's build

Mining the waters around Nowhereville to keep it safe from the Martians
Floating mine 2

Crap and his evil plans
Missles Away!

Privacy? No such thing in SL! Close the GD door!
Close the GD door!

Summer, can’t wait for it!
Barely covered 2
GoSpeed & Trill 4

More below the fold……….

Happy St Pats Day!
A Sandy St Pats Day

Playing with Picnic to get neat effects
Sunset concert at Nantucket - Illustrated

Codie, it’s whats for dinner!
Codie Sushi

Gene Shallit, you are still loved 🙂
Gene Shallit Fan Club

Looking at new skins… hmmm, maybe…
Your Skin - Guenda Breeze group gift - 2