Some Shadow Pics

I too have been playing with the hidden shadow procedures in the latest SL viewers (like Snow Globe). Like the introduction of WindLight into the release clients the first iterations of any new feature are going to have some rough edges. With a moderately powerful video card you too can run shadows ( 8000 series and above for Nvidia) . There will be a performance hit though, my frame rate halved, but it was still usable for most SL uses. The more powerful your card the better. Now for the pics:

I chose ABBA Svenska for the model this time around as she tends to show up better in dark lighting conditions. I did not want to touch up these photos so you’ll get an accurate feel as what you may expect.

Half lit Abba -1

Local time is 5pm. I have her standing upstairs facing west. It’s hard to see but she even casts shadows on herself. One glitch I have noticed is that the avatar body will cast a full shadow at first, but after a couple of minutes the body shadow dissipates and shrinks to disconnected balls.

Half lit Abba -4

Remember the early days of WindLight? Yup the glowy Go’auld eyes are back.

Half lit Abba -5

Fast forward to 5:38 PM local time. Look to the right. Notice the ferns? They cast shadows on themselves. Also, look on the glass. Is that a reflection? I’ve seen reflections in water, but on prims? I recall way back in January 2007 some of the first look clients had avatar reflections on certain prim objects.

Abba at midnight in the Shadows

Nighttime  with shadows is even darker, even if you are fair skinned like the lovely ABBA. Set to local midnight the moonlight causes the prim hair to casts a shadow over her face and chest.

Midnight shadows at KONA studios

Items set to glow or made bright really stand out. Perhaps this like the eyes are something else that needs to be tweaked before release.

So far it looks pretty promising. Here’s to the future of SL!