Picture time

I’ve been a little remiss about posting photo compilations of my past month’s activities so I now present you with an update:

Tanglewood has blown up and I am a TV
Tanglewood sim blows up and a TV lands on my head

Happiness is a BIG warm gun
Happiness is a BIG warm gun.

Khaki uniform
I rediscover my Naval roots.

Somebody makes me mad!

Just Wow
Deebrane String wows me.

Jeanne Schimmer - profile
Jeanne’s avatar is made for the camera.

Achoo - 3

GoSpeed and Dahlia - 2
Sunset on the beach with Dahlia.

A walled village
A walled Chinese town that’s endangered with extinction 😦

Aribella is asking for it
Aribella needs an attitude adjustment!

Welcome to Edloe Island
My buns bid you welcome to Edloe 🙂

Taryn snuggles - 3
I’m partnered to Taryn!

I ain't afraid of no squid
Cleaning up my landlord’s messes. Sheesh!

Half lit Abba -5
Shadows!!!!! So cool!

Colonial Warrior GoSpeed
Sheba,Starbuck, Apollo…. they ain’t got nuthin’ on me.

Coleman Gaze for Shinigami
A Coleman lantern filter treatment for Shinigami Kayo.

Profile Pic July 2006
A brand new skin!

Kirsten viewer S-18 w new presets
Finally, testing out the Kirsten S-18 viewer… wow, cool atmospherid presets!