I haven’t been to particularly inspired to write about much this past month so I’ll tell my story again with pictures.

When I got my new Lagroki skin last month somebody said I looked more “black” now. With my previous skin they said I looked like a Caucasian with a dark complexion. I don’t think so. What do you think?

My previous skin:
A gift from Shockwave

and the new skin:
Goodnight Love

I play a bit with shadows:
Only my prim attachments cast a shadow

I partner with the adorable Taryn Gartner:
This tired warrior rocks her partner to sleep
GoSpeed & Taryn loving the WindLight

Trying out some new hair:
I look so serious

I get all artsy with Windlight, Shadow Draft and Picnik:
She walks in beauty

Darn clones crashing on my couch!
Clones need rest too

Shockwave and Lokum get partnered:
Shockwave - Lokum wedding - 5
and I liven up the reception with a little help from Ordinal:
Shockwave - Lokum wedding - 11
Wake up Vint!!!

A time to relax:
Sunday night relaxation

Frakkin toaster!
A Cylon in Edloe

An old friend gets a new look:
Deebrane String

Until next month!