The other day my friend Nika Dreamscape dropped a set of furniture on me and asked if I would kindly give my opinions. I rezzed it on my pation and was instantly delighted with what I saw.

Wine and Roses - 1
The set includes a couch with 4 poses, a 3 prim coffee table, a rug and a room divider.

Wine and Roses - 2

The sculpties and shadowing are very well done.. The couch is 30 prims by the way which could be a deal breaker for the prim conscious, but if you can afford that then you’ll love the quality.

Wine and Roses - 3

The texture on the room divider is also very good giving it that etched glass look.

Jeza made me do it!
Oh, did I mention it was scotch guarded??? LOL

It’s priced at $250L for the entire set. Find her store , Wine and Roses, here:


Tsk, Tsk.

Recent events in SL and the blogosphere remind me of a few things we should all realize:

Listen to your friends, your TRUE friends who never lie to you. Had I listened I’d never suffered the fate of the frog in this story:

I think this blog comment and so much this person has  said over the past 2.5 years was a clue:

“Yeah, well, after that post I learned about a live music masstravaganza thing for the first time and blew my stack at the organizer with a defriend, mute, and three pins in a voodoo doll.”

And so things go. Time to move on and bury the now stained past. Yes, I know shame on me for even mentioning it. I suppose I could get a bronze medal in this event: