2009 in pictures

A year has passed and I have pictures to show you! These pictures do have a story to tell. I started the year no different than the preceding year. Certain things got to me. Betrayal, disloyalty, and disappointment being the negative triggers. Over this past year that mostly went away. Whether I am all scarred up or just not emotionally invloved like I used to be the result is the same. It just ain’t worth the energy.  So here we go….

So tired of the snow
I still hate the snow. We had 18 inches of it before Christmas in RL, phooey!

GoSpeed Nude - Newdoll Nikolaidis pose
I posed for a picture and a poseball for Newdoll Nikolaidis

When you are weary, think of me
Me and Soph shared special moments together and had lots of fun.

Dizzy, Melissa, Beyers, & Zee
Q&A with the Lindens & company

Alone and cold
The first of many disappointments. 😦

Spin and sip
DJing at Fibber Magees on Saturdays. Had to quit the gig when they got funny on me when I would wear my KONA Radio DJ tag. Pffft, if anything I brought more to the table for them than they to me.

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4 in a leaky boat
Pointless boat rides to nowhere…

Shaples 6
Shaples goes boom!

Teagan Linden
Lindens with guns!

Sunset concert at Nantucket - Illustrated
Artsy Farsty pictures using Picnick,Picasa, FD Tools and other goodies.

House Shopping with Shinigami Kayo
Shinigami Kayo, a kind, smart Albertan. 🙂

Cast members from The Guild on Copper Robot
The Guild on Copper Robot

Nekkid but tasteful butt pic1
Buns of steel!

We Cool
We Cool, right Shini??

Jeanne is such a copycat
Would you believe she’s my twin???

Shadowdraft! Cool effects.

Taryn in Extropia
I became partnered with Taryn Gartner.

Shockwave - Lokum wedding - 11
I misbehave at the Shilova-Plasma wedding.

My New Lagroki skin
A new skin form LAQ.

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What's up Doc?
I need a dentist!

Sweet Dreams Taryn
Taryn time 🙂

My bikini top is on the other shoreTaryn Gartner - 1

Rav and GO 12 Aug - 2

Picture time!

<<Pow>>!!!!!, Hamlet kicked me !!!
Hamlet Au assualts me!

Clouds floating over the city
Blue Mars. What a large place compared to SL!

Halloween at Nantucket

Modeling a Navy Blue outfit for Trill Lomu
Trill makes dresses

LAQ Jewel skin - 1
Skin #3 this year and a keeper from LAQ.

A whole lotta 5 Islands
Say goodbye to Nowhere-hood.

Go Away
Just a hole in the ground.
This episode revealed that friendship is a relative term online. For some it only means access or proximity. A true friendship goes much deeper than that. I knew this and thus was not burned this time. I am happy with who I am, what I do and say. A lot of conflicts occur because one party has some sort of trust issue and imagine that others are naturally inclined to go against them. At some point they drive away anyone they already have at arms length. If you’re in that situation you have two choices: Get closer and win their confidence or brace yourself for the inevitable drama when they decide they are in need of conflict.

The worst possible news
Times were pretty rough as I had not heard from Taryn Gartner, my SL partner, since just before Halloween. She had been seriously ill with H1N1 and then suddenly not a word. I did get one email where she informed me she was diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. Then more silence. I finally heard from her after Christmas. The chemo is working and she’ll be done with the treaments in a few weeks. The cancer looks to be beat now! 🙂

Contemplating the new year

Taryn is back
Closing on a good note 🙂

Wishing for a better 2010.