Miss Artful, the 360 degree Peeker!

I found this interesting service via a Plurk this morning and thought I’d share it with you. The folks at Avatrian recently launched a bot that can TP to a location, snap a series of pictures, upload it, stitch into a 360 degree panorama and output it to a web site.  I’ve given it 3 assignments. The first one failed to post at all, the 2nd was a success and the third was a funny failure:
I can’t embed a flash file so here are the links to the last two assignments:
As you can see in the second one her camera for some reason got anchored inside her avatar skull. Yup, that’s me mugging for the camera! Miss Artful is pretty fetching btw. I’d suggest an AO for her so she doesn’t look like a noob.

Miss Artful is pretty

Here she landed about 70 meters away from the spot I assigned, but she was able to cam to the right spot and get the shots.
Paparazzi Artful rezzed at the base of a cliff

No doubt this service will drive some people bonkers. You could certainly ban this avatar but what’s to keep anyone from popping in to take pictures? A restricted access list is the only way (unless your friends turn on you of course) to protect your privacy.