So, the new viewer is out in beta and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. As we all know every major revision of the viewer a lot of things change that causes a lot of consternation and grief. It seems the Lindens just mess with the UI just for the sake of doing it. After a while they change it back to our liking or we get used to the new layout. Or as many do, they wait for 3rd party developers to come out with a version that “fixes” the problems. Whatever the case I am pretty excited by this new version. I like how notices are now smaller and not those big, blue annoying boxes you have to click through serially. Now they get stacked up in a list so you can pick and choose those you want to read first. I’m still playing with the viewer so I am sure there are more goodies to discover.

Probably the biggest “neato” addition is web on a prim that is interactive. Any prim face can now render web pages that can be clicked and have text boxes you can enter data into. Flash and Java are also enabled too. There are drawbacks though. No pop-ups or tabbed browsing. If a link wants to open a new window or tab you’re not going to see it. Perhaps tabbed browsing will come along soon, we’ll see. One feature I find fascinations is chatrooms.  SL residents can interact with web users anywhere on the net as evidenced by this screenshot.

Interactive Chat

Here I am chatting with Rav via the Meebo chat gadget on the KONA Radio website. How many of you use web based chat clients at the same time as SL? Why not rez them in your SL office and keep in touch that way? And of course you can read all your favorite blogs in world too.

Blog on a prim

If you haven’t tried the new beta viewer, give it a try just for this feature!.