Doc! It hurts when I do this….

Dark clothes for a dark day

Chapter 11 – Doc, it hurts when I move my arm like this!

A doctor? Dread. Needles, A wooden tongue depressor, medicine….. **shiver**. GoSpeed sat on the living room couch wrapped in a blanket worrying. Since the mention of a doctor visit she began to notice that she did feel a bit run down and achy. Ow! That sharp pain again in her lower abdomen. “I’m sick, I’m gonna die.”, She thought. Funny though, she felt awful, but yet she felt stronger than before. She felt more solid and her grip was getting stronger. She also could feel her breathing and hear her heart beating in her chest. “Maybe I won’t die.”, she countered herself. If you’re dying you feel weak and helpless. I’m like a new car or new computer and I am experiencing a break in period. Weary and tired, she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

“I say we take her to Dr. Wanda or Dr. Cameron.” , said Iza.

“That’s probably a good idea, we can get her in right away. We can say she’s visiting from out of town. Way out of town.”, said Rav.

“How do we explain her? Especially since she can’t talk.”

Rav pondered this a bit. “Well obviously we’ll say she’s a mute. We’ll also say she’s a distant cousin from the Bahamas or the US Virgin Islands”

“Virgin Islands is better, that’s a US territory.”

Rav nodded. “We just want her checked out, make sure there are no major problems. I think getting her a full physical entails providing some sort of ID for her, legal photo ID and Social Security Number.”

Iza put her head in her hands and sighed. “It’s like we’ve adopted a big kid. Can we afford this? You made her you know. You have to make this work.”

“I will, WE will. It’s the right thing to do.”


They briefed me. They coached me. They BORED me. Yes, I know, no rezzing clothing. No changing anything about my appearance. No telling the doctor anything about my origin. They did give me a new name: Gospel Rasere. Rav discovered that Racer was a corruption of the name Rasere. They also said I had to wear a bra. But I only have 2 pair! I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. I was so done with this.

Iza pointed and said, “See! She’s just like you! Now do you see where Sarah gets it?”

Rav gave me a “just cool it” look and I unfolded my arms. Rav muttered something about “Why won’t that work on Sarah” causing me to laugh. I laughed?!!. They both looked at me.

“Go did it again. She laughed a normal sounding laugh with some ‘ha-has’ in it. I bet you can talk!”, said Rav.

Iza just looked at me and I cleared my throat. I couldn’t do that earlier. I concentrated and felt something happening. I was murmuring, just faintly. I pursed my lips. Nothing. Something was there and it would only be a matter of time before I could speak. What would I sound like? God, I hope not like Rav. I shrugged and smiled at them.


We prepared to leave, first sending Sarah to a neighbor’s house and I went to another room to “change”. I came back out dressed conservatively with a bra underneath my shirt. It itched so much! I’ll have to buy a new one soon. With what money and where I didn’t know. I did know I probably could not get new clothes off the grid anymore. We walked out to the car, a Honda minivan. I got inside and Iza helped me with the seat belt. It laid right across my boobs, my SORE boobs. To an ordinary observer it was just a van ride but I was exhilarated! I was queasy at first but that passed and I felt a thrill sensing the acceleration, the speed and the world passing by at a fast clip. It ended all too quickly for me but at least there will be a trip back home! We got out of the van and omigosh, the place was huge! Cars were everywhere! The space was the size of at least 2 sims. Turning around I saw the storefronts to what I recognized as a mall. Grocery, pizza place, paint store, a gym and right there, a medical office. We walked inside and Iza took me to a seat. All eyes seemed to fall on me and I pretended I didn’t notice as I picked up a magazine and held it in front of my face.

It was a long discussion from what I could see and hear. Rav was talking to the receptionist trying to explain who I was. Finally he motioned me to come over. Again, all eyes on me. The receptionist asked if my name was Gospel Rasere and I shook my head yes. She asked if I had a photo ID and I shook my head no. Just then another woman walked up behind the receptionist and told her to go ahead and start a folder for me. That being settled he walked me back to my chair. I smiled when I noticed Rav staring down the the one guy who was gawking at me. He put his arm across my shoulders and Iza held my hand. I felt safer now. We waited for what seemed to be an hour as 4 people went in ahead of us, including that creepy guy with the backwards baseball cap. When it was our turn a nurse came to the door and invited us in to the area where the patient rooms where located. A nurse made me stand on a scale. 5 Feet 7 inches and my weight, 90 lbs. The nurse was puzzled at that number.

“Are both your feet on the scale dear?”

We looked down. Yes they were. She shrugged and put a thermometer in my mouth. 15 seconds later “Beep”, 99.8 degrees F. She placed her cool palm against my forehead and said I did feel warm. Next we went to a small room with a few chairs, a padded table and a sink. I sat on the table while Rav and Iz sat in the chairs. Even more questions from the nurse. I shook my head no to all of them because well, they really didn’t apply to me. The nurse left and we waited a bit more for the doctor to show up. She arrived a few minutes later, Doctor Wanda as Rav referred to her.

“So, who is this mysterious and lovely woman you brought with you today??”………………………………..


“Mysterious and Lovely indeed. She’s actually a long time family friend from the Virgin Islands who showed up on our doorstep a few days ago. She’s not herself. She seems to have lost her ability to talk and has some memory issues. She remembers us but but she seems to have suffered some form of amnesia.”, said Rav.

“Oh I see. I can’t do anything about those issues but I can give her a checkup to see if her health is OK. I see she has a mild fever and she’s underweight. Hmmm,  you don’t look like you’re 90 lbs.”

Dr Wanda proceeded to check her pulse again and checked her ears, eyes and throat. Out came the rubber mallet to check Go’s reflexes. Go giggled when her knee was struck as it tickled a little bit. She performed a few more test and even drew some blood which did appear to phase Go very much. Suddenly GoSpeed looked surprised and then very discomforted. She placed her hands on her lower abdomen and groaned in pain.

“Oh my goodness!” Said Dr Wanda. “Let me get something for you.” She then departed the room.

Rav looked at Go and then noticed the paper sheet was turning red around her. Rav averted his eyes, shocked and unsure of what to do. Iza got up and pulled some paper towels out of the dispenser by the sink and placed them around GoSpeed. Go began to sob, more in embarrassment than discomfort. The doctor came back with a nurse who had brought some towels and a patient gown. They took her by each arm to lift her from the examining table. They lifted her up and placed her in a standing position and then let go, walking back a few steps. Go had rezzed a new pair of pants right in front of everybody.

“Wha, What just happened? What happened to your pants?” blurted out Dr Wanda.

Everyone just looked at everyone else while Go tried to make herself small.

“Let’s just say she’s not what she appears to be.” said Rav.

“I should say so! Can you do that again?”

Go looked at the doctor then to Rav and Iza. Rav nodded an assent to Go. Go’s hair suddenly winked out briefly showing a bare skull and then quickly replaced with a grayish colored hair piece. The gray was slowly replaced by a jet black color and a longer hairstyle now perched itself on her head. The nurse stood motionless with her mouth open. Dr Wanda looked shocked and amazed but quickly gained her composure.

“Well you two certainly don’t look surprised. Care to tell me more about Miss Rasere?”

“Just you. Please have the nurse leave the room.” , said Rav.

Dr Wanda dismissed the nurse and the discussion began in earnest…….

They left the office with a prescription for Midol and a new ally in unraveling the mystery of GoSpeed. Dr Wanda was going to arrange some more medical tests at no charge. GoSpeed meanwhile slumped into the seat, spent from her experience. Her senses were overwhelmed yet again and she still felt the shame of having her first period right there on the exam table. She waited in the car with Iza as Rav went inside the pharmacy. Iza went into the back seat with Go to comfort her and explained what happened and why. Go felt a bit better and managed to dry her eyes.

This day needs to be over soon, thought Go. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep…..