This past I had more time to explore in Blue Mars and attend a few events. Last weekend was a fashion show of sorts at the Welcome Area. It highlighted the work of several pioneering content creators in Blue Mars.

Fashion show - 2

Fashion show - 6

Fashion show - 14

There were also Q&A sessions with experts in clothing, shapes and skins and city developers. There will be more of these soon and I hope to be able to post the days and times they occur.

There was also some bowling at the lanes in Beach City
Bowling - 1

I also explored a bit more in a few cities. Here’s a planning map for the Capitalantis City. Currently devoid of buildings it is still a visual treat to behold.

Capitalantis planning map

Waterfalls. Capitalantis has a very big one!

Big Falls Capitalantis - 5

Big Falls Capitalantis - 1

Big Falls Capitalantis - 6

More pictures below the fold…

Island 13 has a nice natural cave. Notice this is not some silly prim creation. This is actually in the ground.

Island 13 Cave - 1

Island 13 Cave - 2

I took a long run down to the southern edge of the big island which was about a 6km run.

The Run South - 4

The Run South - 3

On the southern cliffs:
South end - 2

Looking back north:
South end - 4

I also went to Shade City which is a small island with 4 shaded structures. One structure featured clothing for sale. Some of them were modeled by mannequins which put any sculpty to shame:

The new Shade City

Clothes model in Shade City - 3

Clothes model in Shade City - 4

Clothes model in Shade City - 5