I was about to log off and go to bed (night shift sucks btw) when I decided to make a quick stop at a favorite joint. The Love Hemisphere was an awesome place  that took advantage of a simple concept. All the walls and floor sections were a video screen that played jazz and standards  videos courtesy of You Tube.  I was shocked to see my LM did not work. Figuring they moved I looked at search. It’s gone! There’s a group still in existence but no one answers my questions in IM chat. **Sigh**

Love Hemisphere 2

Love Hemisphere 1

They also had clothing for sale too.

bdreams Madison  3

I would think that this idea could be easily replicated. I seem to recall the owner did sell “kits” so you could build your own club. When I get time I’ll see what I can find out. So sad to see it go 🙂