Wow, been an exciting few days in Blue Mars! The friends list has been fixed and one can now Private Message to any friend logged in. A lot more clothing items are now up for sale in several spots including Beach City, SigTel, and Grid Rock City ( and a few more places too). A few cities have been updated and a new city has also been added to the line up. First let me show you a neat effect I’ve noticed at Digital DNA. It’s now raining and thundering there and if you look closely at the trunks you’ll see water running down the sides. It shines and shimmers like real water.

Rainy Digital DNA

Last night a new city was added, Turkish Island. What a lovely island it is! Perhaps some 15% of the island has been developed so far but what is currently there is beautiful. The arrival area is dominated by a mountain on one side, a bridge on the other and park on the other side. As you arrive you’ll immediately see a pair of lovely waterfalls.

Turkish Island - 1

Turkish Island - 2

There is a much larger waterfall behind this one that falls off the mountain.

My new friend Anilise from Hong Kong joins me in exploring it.

Turkish Island (with Anilise) - 4

Turkish Island (with Anilise) - 5

I see a nice place down there for a picnic blanket.

Turkish Island - 7

Hope to see you there!