One blog feed down, any more takers? I wonder what prompted the thin skinned host to remove me? Was it my defense of Prokofy? My using the term mental masturbation? My pointing out that we’re all silly for wasting time getting wrapped up in this? Oh, I know, my slam against SCD. Silly me.  Even though I shut off comments on my Entropy post I have not received a torrent of hate mail or even love mail about my postings. I got two  complimentary IMs and a few neutral Plurks. Do you know what that really means? It means this doesn’t mean sh*t. Not only are our postings fairly meaningless in comparison to RL concerns we also do not matter much to the general SL community. We’re just a few hundred people serving an audience of a couple hundred thousand and most of them have no idea who we even are. Bloggers primarily write for other bloggers and whatever small audience of readers who may follow them.

You’re probably getting sick of my rantings by now but this has been great therapy for me. Have a nice Life!