Just a few more thoughts on Lanie Recreant’s unjust banning from SL. In summary here is what happened:

She bought a mermaid AO from a vendor. The original creator finds out that parts of her intellectual property has been incorporated into it without her permission and she files a DMCA claim. The owner of the vendor takes it down and deletes all the copies she has. Meanwhile Lanie is supposedly sent a DMCA notice requesting she reply to the email and also delete the stolen property. She claims to have never received it, quite believable as email can often get lost or dumped into s spam filter. Because she failed to respond to this email she was summarily banned from SL for one week with absolutely no recourse. No one would tell her why she was banned until it was over. This is bullsh*t of the highest degree and unbelievably stupid.

First, an email notice? Hey, Email is great but it ain’t perfect. Does Linden Labs have any proof she actually received the email? If they can’t prove she got it how can they say she was properly notified? In RL there are such things as process servers and certified mail to make sure they have received it. How about an offline IM or notecard at the very least? Or maybe a phone call?

A whole week and no one will tell her why she was banned. What’s the damn mystery boys? Who are you protecting? You’re certainly not caring about Lanie who was twice removed from the initial point of theft.

OK, here’s what should have happened. This is all over an AO that had elements disputed in a DMCA suit. If Lanie failed to delete the object for whatever reason you go in, log into her account and delete it yourself and send her a message what you did and why. That takes how long? A few minutes?

What happened to Lanie (Valerie) was unnecessary and insensitive. What threat was she that she deserved to be banned? Evie, the one who sold it to her and Sala, the creator who filed the DMCA did not want this to happen to anyone but the original thief, this Zent guy.

I hope the shiftless, incompetent ass who did this to her was axed this past week. Mr Kingdon, I hope you’re man enough to apologize to Lanie (Valerie) personally and compensate her for this awful example of customer service.