Blondin Linden (*apparently) agrees that Second Life is a breeding ground for pedophiles

Last night I was talking with Joonie Jatho about the Second Life 7th Birthday event when she suddenly went quiet. 20 minutes later she speaks up about a friend who was an exhibitor and tells me an awful story populated with little minds and bad decisions. Apparently a volunteer objected to a graphic that featured a barbie doll sans clothing. Had said person stuck to the line that the it was tacky and in bad taste he may have had an argument but it got  stupid real fast and a Linden joined in. Please read Joonie’s post and understatnd that the main issue is not a naked plastic doll but what this volunteer and Blondin Linden really think about SL and its “residents”.

Look Ma! No naughty bits! Virtually every home with a small daughter has these “offensive” naked dolls. Am I to assume there’s a pedophile in every closet?

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* Some folks are getting a little bent out of shape by the title of the post. No, he did not verbally agree with Shawn, but his non refutation and following actions (ejection and return of objects) is agreement in deed if not word.