I’ve looked but not found a Marching Band animation for a machinima idea I have. Does anyone have an idea where I can find one? Ideally it will have 6-8 pose balls with the owner acting as the driver. IM me more leave a comment here if you know where I can buy or have someone create for me.

Marching Band

The Saturday Night Motown Party was a success! We met a lot of KONA Radio fans who play KONA on their sims, homes and off world. Keep listening! We love you all!

Motown Night went well

Blue Mars is doing quite well nowadays. Slowly but surely improvements are made. The other night we had a great time bowling in the Beach City bowling alley.
Bowling Night 28 June 2010

And lastly the Odd Ball. Tuna Oddfellow always puts on a great visual treat. If you’ve never been you got to go, set the draw to 256, turn up the SOMA FM space music and relax….
At the OddBall with Kel - 3