Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re in the height of summer. June is gone and July is almost finished. August will bleed into September and the cool nights will be upon us again. It’s been a LONG summer. Heatwaves, Severe Storms, and an earthquake for the D.C. area.

Several records were broken this summer but it didn’t phase me much. My work schedule kept me inside or asleep during the peak heat of the day. Work has gone well but the hours and the nature of my work is really wearing me down. There are some things I wish I could un-see. ((sigh)) Humanity is so awful to one another.

A very strong storm with high winds plowed through the Mid-Atlantic Sunday felling trees and cutting power to thousands. When I got home from work late Sunday night I was greeted by the sight of a downed tree in my front yard. The same tree that provided shade onto my dining room 😦 .

Chopping away

Fortunately the garden wasn’t hurt much. A few plants were bent over, but not broken. The squash and jalapeno peppers are coming to fruition. The tomatoes will be ready to pick by August.

Today's pick

On the 16th  wed had a nice little earthquake that shook things up a little bit. I was at work that night and remember the floor vibrating a bit and it was followed by a long, low roaring sound that went on for like 20 seconds. We all looked at each other and I finally said, ” an earthquake?”. Sure enough it was.

My SL has been kinda blah. Just not a lot going on. As the summer goes by SL is feeling less and less like a world. It’s hard to explain but suffice to say that a lot of the magic is gone. It is just not the escape it used to be. I still love my friends but the place is just, well, onerous. Perhaps in the fall I’ll feel different.

A glance to the side