Who’s the dark skinned maven who threatened the the survival of the sailing sims? Who nearly destroyed the peace and sovereignty of the 5 Islands? The one who almost destroyed the  financial stability of Dublin and who makes blog syndicators shudder in fear?

Don’t ask Taylor, she’s clueless
I don't know!


This past week saw history repeat itself. A multi year friendship suddenly go south in days, the smears in a public forum which continued here and there.  I’m not entirely sure why this happened this time. It was a damned shame but it’s ultimately their loss. A long term friendship should never be discarded so casually over a simple mistake, misunderstanding or confusion. Of course it could be very intentional and that would be very troubling and sad.


I’ve found a bit of balance in my SL now and the summer doldrums are beginning to lift a bit. I’ve cut myself loose from a few commitments I couldn’t keep. Those commitments included my rental properties and a few relationships with my fellow SLers. I also am relaxing a bit and just doing what I want. Sometimes you gotta poke the pit bull,  run real fast, and then turn around and laugh as it hits the end of its chain and throttles itself.

Here’s a song to my brand new fans. Wave hello you guys, the camera is going to film you. OK, here you go. You just made the 6 O’clock news!

Remember, I’m watching you!