SL Bloggers come in a wide variety of styles, approaches, temperaments and maturity levels. Tonight I had the displeasure of encountering a blog that for all intents and purposes appears to be written by a person with the mentality of a 14 year old. (My apologies to those 14 year olds who happen to be mature).  The blog, , isn’t pleasant to read. It’s full of poorly written articles, cattiness and downright meaness. As an example of the rampant stupidity please read the last article;  beware-of-people-bumping-into-you/ .

My dear LadyBoy Brandi. You had better be very careful when you make outrageous public accusations against people you don’t know. It can bite you back on the ass. I suggest you publicly apologize to Ms Tremont and learn some manners. How on earth you can say she’s a thief simply because of her appearance and her recent arrival into SL? BTW, at 6 months you’re a veteran in SL and it’s expected you’ll look better than the average noob and know enough to find your niche and a source of income ( like a hostess). You may wonder why I am addressing you publicly? You’ve turned off your comments so I’ll figure this will get back to you one way or another. And no dear, what I wrote here is not an AR-able offence, but if you choose to IM me and get abusive (which may be likely) then that is. Consider yourself reprimanded.