precision landing, originally uploaded by ** GoSpeed Racer **.

Coming to your SL experience soon, a flaming mass of junk. When they let Babbage Linden go it gave the message that the stability of the grid and further refinements to ensure it scales well ( a still ongoing process ) was not priority 1. Now that Qarl Linden has been axed we are being shown that innovation and new features aren’t that important. I guess Phil is counting on the large user base and simple inertia to keep things going, but that will only take you so far.

Here’s a hypothetical question. What happens if a major earthquake hits San Francisco? Boom, there go a ton of servers and sadly maybe even the lives of many employees. Maybe SL can relaunched with the servers located in Dallas, TX and elsewhere but what about the talent they laid off? Would they be willing to leave their jobs to come back to Linden Labs and work like a dog to get it back up and running? I wouldn’t bet on it.