For a fortunate few of you out there you got to experience the “Hemisphere of Love” before it was closed down a few months ago. The HoL was a grand, hemisphere made from a large mega-prim and had a few levels to dance on. Projected on the walls and even the floors was a continuous loop of jazz, standards and R&B tunes.

Love Hemisphere 1

It closed down back in the late winter and it was sorely missed. A few days ago A Romantic Thespian Commented on my blog that a replacement was now in operation. A quick look through search located it and I teleported my way there.

First off it’s not a sphere or hemisphere. It’s a cube 50 meters on each side with the video projecting on all sides.
Cube of Love with Joe Walsh

A compromise I suppose to save on prims, but the resulting video is pretty jagged when stretched to fit 50 meter walls. Also the walls turn a bright white between videos which kinda spoils the atmosphere. On the lower level are vendors for various items, most which seem to deal with bondage and other rough stuff. I think I’ll stay on the upper level tyvm.  The music I saw had more blues and soft country rock than anything else. Still the execution isn’t too bad. If they could perhaps add more screens to remove the jaggies and maybe place video on the floor that would help revive the old feel of the original HoL. And Oh yeah, some more standards and romantic videos too?

Hemisphere of Love's replacement