Madame Maracas

Wednesday happened to be one of those really crappy days. I found out that an old SL friend of mine, Madame Maracas recently passed away from cancer. I knew her well some two years ago. She was the founder and a DJ at RadioRadio, one of the oldest and still popular SL radio stations. She was always nice to me and  encouraged me in my DJ endeavors.  We sadly drifted apart over time so it was a shock to find out that she passed away. She will be sorely missed by many people in and out of SL. Her Memorial service will take place in the LoLo sim tomorrow, 11 September from 5-8pm SLT.


Self Immolation is the act of self sacrifice for a greater good. Sometimes it is effective and bring attention to a problem, other times it is pointless, futile and downright wasteful. This week saw the final chapters written on the Emerald Viewer saga. I had used the viewer for a while but turned cool to it after hearing the developers speak in person on a Rezzed TV taping. What they said and the tone they took really bothered me. Just imagine of Beavis and Butthead with coding skills and access to your computer. I switched over to the LL viewer and then to Kirstens S20.  Arabella I would describe as a nice friend. She was a frequent guest at my SL home and often came to my DJ gigs. I followed her blog and often bought some of the outfits she reviewed. I would say that Arabella is a very loyal and passionate person. If she believes in something she defends it with fervor. When you hear her speak the tone you hear is genuine whether it be happy, angry, or sad. In that respect she is very transparent.  I can also say that I believe Arabella is not an evil person and is not complicit in the skull-duggery that the coders cooked up in the viewer. (And no Hypatia I am pretty she does not wear Nazi armbands as she is Jewish. ) She’s also not a coder plain and simple.

So what happened? My thought is that stubbornness and pride did her in. Direct information from Arabella is probably not forthcoming but I have poked around and discovered a few things that would give Linden Lab good reasons to take action against her. She started as a cheerleader then went to PR and ultimately became the Leader of the Emerald Viewer project. When you identify yourself as the leader you take full responsibility for said project and those you claim as your partners. When Emerald became listed as an official third party viewer it creates a binding, legal agreement between the two parties. If Linden Labs instructs you to perform certain actions you must do it or face the consequences. If your underlings fail to comply or violate the TOS, you are responsible. I’ve heard and read several explanations of why she got the death sentence and most of them relate to unwillingness of the Emerald Team to  meet it’s obligations. Actions  have consequences.

Truthfully I was shocked at the actions of Linden Lab.   In her defense I would say that a good portion of her blog posting about the Lab’s duplicity was correct and that Emerald was singled out. Maybe Linden Lab killed it out of jealousy or the fact it was notorious for it’s egregious violations ( I favor the latter). Her tone was certainly harsh and no holds barred. Vindictive even. I don’t feel her blog post played a big part of her account termination but it sure as heck could not have helped. To the Emerald faithful she’s a martyr and to everyone else a fool. I’m sure it did hurt the Lab’s image somewhat but it’s effect will only last so long. She’s now gone from world where she could have done some good by getting behind another viewer.

Hamlet Au goes to Blue Mars

This is very good news! Someone of his stature and skills is needed to help promote Blue Mars. I and a few others have blogged here and there about Blue Mars but with the addition of Hamlet and Iris the quality and quantity of reporting will increase.  However if you read the comments on his announcement you’d think he was Benedict Arnold, I mean literally. Ann O’Toole called him a traitor. Mind Boggling, just mind boggling. And of course all the whinging from the Mac and Linux crowd. Please guys, you aren’t owed the world because you chose a platform that isn’t supported by every game engine out there. was like ancient Greece, WoW is the Mongol hordes, Entropia is the Middle East and SL is old Europe. Guess what Europe, Blue Mars is in the New World.  If you don’t want to get on the boat then stay behind with your plagues and stunted infrastructure. The New World offers many opportunities for the bold and adventurous. It’s true that not every colony succeeds but taking risks is part of life be it real or virtual.

Capitalantis - Revisited

A gorgeous red sunset

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Bowling Night 28 June 2010 - 2