Over the past few years I’ve always been intrigued by postings from Siobahn Taylor and Sered Woolharra about their adventures in EVE Online. What with Second Life “Jumping The Shark” with me I thought I’d give it a try. EVE is an incredibly complex universe. I honestly would not know where to start describing it. If you’re a casual gamer don’t bother. You have to love details to appreciate it.

My Eve Online Avatar

Here is my “avatar”. They tend to look pretty harsh 😦 . Avatars are pretty much puppets you set up once and snap a picture of for a portrait. But that will change soon as newer models arrive next month with a new rendering engine. They’ll still be puppets but come summer 2011 EVE will incorporate full, moving 3D avatars that can walk about and interact in stations. Anyone for opening a space bar?

Above Orvolle VII

Here’s my current ship, a Gallente Catalyst destroyer. I’m still in high security space running NPC missions. Every time I leave to explore low security or Null security it ends badly. I’m training up and saving up for an even bigger ship.