It was a sunny Friday morning when I created this Second Life account. As I scanned through the last names I paused at the name “Racer” for some reason. At that very moment on the TV behind me the Geico commercial featuring Speed Racer was playing. Well, that problem was solved.  “Speed” was taken so my next choice was GoSpeed.

Now believe it or not I ambled around the grid for about 6 weeks with a male avatar just exploring. I did meet my first long time friend my first day, Kori Travanti. Some of you who know me real well know  Kori and I were up to some mischief that first weekend at one of her early concerts. (Damn Espresso, you’re such a clueless tool!). As far as I know there are no pictures of me in that form. It wasn’t until mid December I decided to go with a female form.

Caramel skin, Freebie ETD hair and freebie clothes. The Classic Noob.

The body did change quite a bit except for the nose.

A skin from Bare Rose. I look like a Raver here!

I went “black” in March 2007. Not a very good skin 😦

Nora Skins were a god-send. Sezmra had the best hand drawn skins in SL. The second one with the scarlet lips were a custom makeup Sezmra made for me when I entered the Miss SL Ebony 2008 pageant.  By this time my shape has been set and aside from a few teen, tiny tweaks the shape is the same now.

GoSpeed 16 April 2007

April 2007

Scarlet lips

April 2008


What with Sezmra retiring fom skin making in SL I turned to LAQ for my skin needs in August 2009

Delora's gift shirt

Til finally I am where I am today. Yes, the same cute nose as 4 years ago.

INDI Designs - Tammy