Chapter 12   She said what?

Go laid in bed warm and snug, the brightness of the morning sunlight penetrating her eyelids. Squinting her she turned her head to the side and felt the wetness around her neck. Her fever had broken and her sheets were soaked in sweat. A warm feeling changed to damp feeling and she felt icky all of a sudden. She slipped out of her blankets and walked shivering from her room to the bathroom, only to realize she was topless as she looked into the mirror over the sink. Luckily no one saw me, she reassured herself. She turned on the bath water and showered when the water was warm enough. It was the first time she ever felt “dirty”. The accident at the doctors office, the tears that soaked her shirt and the sweat that permeated her bedsheets.
Clean and dry she “blinked” herself some clothes and shoes. Amused, she wriggled her lips and rezzed a different outfit on. The she folder her arms out in front of herself and nodded her head forwards and rezzed yet another outfit. She giggled at her antics and decided to trade in the low cut tank top for something a bit more modest. She walked downstairs to the living room and had a seat on the couch.

As she sat on the couch going over the events of the past few days Rav came into the room and joined her, sitting at the other end of the couch.

“Did you sleep well?”, asked Rav

Go nodded yes and put her hand up to her forehead and motioned in a way to indicate her fever was gone.

“I got an email from Doctor Wanda and she has set you up for a few tests on Wednesday. She’ll be by this evening to come and ask you a few more questions.”

Go again nodded in acknowledgment.

“Sarah is at school and Iza is out running appointments. Is there something you’d like to do?”

GoSpeed got up walked over to Rav, sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him. Taken aback at first Rav then wrapped his arms around Go and hugged her back.

Together they watched TV as Go snuggled up on Rav’s shoulder. They talked for a while as Go flipped through the channels just pausing to type her replies out on the laptop. It was getting a bit frustrating for Go having to switch from watching TV to looking at the laptop as she typed her reply. Then something happened that caught both of them by surprise. Rav asked her if she wanted to watch something on the Discovery channel and Go whispered a “yes”. Go beamed broadly at her first spoken word. It had just slipped out without any effort on her part.

“I knew you could talk without the aid of Vivox.”, joked Rav.

Go playfully punched Rav on the shoulder, murmured “Smarty pants” and then laughed softly along with him…………
Sunday winds down