This morning I was reviewing my Flickr Pool, SL-Ebony when I discovered something very nasty. There was a series of pictures depicting a tied up female avatar being raped by two male avatars. This was clearly a violation of the posted rules and I immediately banned the Flickr user from the pool. Apparently my action rubbed several people the wrong way. While the poster acknowledged he didn’t read the rules and had made a mistake his little army of followers thought I had some sort of hang-up or was unclear on the rules.

You can see the nonsense here: (Warning, his pool is flagged as restricted and contains objectionable content, view at your own risk)

The rules are here: &

OK, this is really simple so follow along. When you join the pool you have to agree to no nudity unless flagged as restricted. At the home page you are instructed to read the discussions explaining the rules more fully.The pool is rated 18+ because there is nudity allowed. Nudity is OK as long as it is tasteful and flagged as restricted. Restricting the nude pictures allows people who don’t wish to see it to avoid it. Some people who view the pool often have children, bosses and others in their surroundings who may look over their shoulders.  NO SEX and NO VIOLENCE means just that. Judging by the content of Morris’ Flickr pool he certainly would NOT be welcome to the SL-Ebony pool ever, but he has the option of posting elsewhere or creating his own pool. If you can argue against that then you really are a sad, pathetic person.

My Pool, My Rules. In my world  I will not tolerate depictions of rape nor put up with those who ridicule my stand against it.