Ssshhhh asshats

In case you’re wondering Rape is still evil. In the discussion thread for the protest pic I linked to in the previous post all of them are hung up on the fact I banned Morris Ceawin from the SL Ebony pool. How I run the pool is irrelevant. My pool, my rules. Morris posted a screen capture of his banning Flickr mail and whined about it and tagged my Flickr name to it. He dragged my name into so I had to defend myself. Apparently Morris has a big following, many of them women who  I would have to assume either enjoy his so called art or are contrarians who will defend anything, no matter how disgusting and immoral it may be. (Gee that sounds like an ass-hat, eh?)
Rape is evil, period

Bottom Line, Rape is an evil crime and in no way should be glorified or given any sort of legitimacy. Keep your sick sh*t to yourself. If someone calls you on it just shut up and go away. You deserve no sympathy or support. The more you complain the more attention is brought to you and your sick friends. Speaking as someone who had a friend raped and left for dead I can only hope you see the light before you finish your run here on earth.