As 2010 closes I feel it’s time to reevaluate my connections and relationships with others. Over 4 years in SL you collect a lot of people to your “friends list” who frankly don’t need to be there. People who you no longer hang with, People who have left SL, People who hide their online presence all the time, People who always to busy to even chat, etc…. Not only SL but Plurk where I trimmed my list from 423 to 156 at one sitting. They are a waste of time, space and bandwidth. If I am of no further interest to you and you of me now and in the future, why bother? If I’ve dropped you and you want back on just add me again.

All seriousness aside I thought I’d share with you some images of a Flickr user I have a crush on big time. Momo Willis is a German fashion blogger with a very classic look and good taste in clothes. I can’t read a lick of German but I love the pics.

The Consequences Of ...

I’ve bought quite a few outfits she’s displayed on her Flickr streamblog.

Have a great New Year and party safe tonight!
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