What with the sad news about Blue Mars bouncing around the blogosphere I thought I’d freshen things up with some exciting news about EVE Online. I haven’t been too terribly active there lately but I am excited by the last installment of the Incursion update (expansion). If you look on the right hand side of my blog you’ll see a rather dull and boring avatar portrait. That’s due to change as the new character creator will be rolled out to help us create more realistic avatars. Here’s a couple of videos showing the tool in use:

While it may be just a bit much just to snap pictures of CCP isn’t done with is avatar creation tool. As possibly as soon as Summer 2011 “Incarna” will be released allowing full interaction and movement aboard space stations. Going beyond a starship console into a fleshed out world be it a spaces station or maybe even a planetary surface at some point is a quantum step forward. Perhaps you could join EVE Online and run a bar, a soldier, a cop, or whatever. Time will tell. This new feature has the promise to expand the EVE universe into many different environments all tied together by space travel.