Today the last part of the Incursion upgrade deployed. Coming in at whopping 1.26gb of data it actually took me longer to unpack and install than it did to download. All the old portraits across Eve were wiped prompting everyone to create a new one. To be honest the old avatar/portraits were pretty dull:
My Eve Online Avatar Then AND Now GoSpeed Racer in EVE Online

Really nothing to be proud about there. With Incarna in the works for a future release the avatar creation tool is pretty much in its final form and more than good enough to create in game portraits. As an Intaki of the Gallente Federation I was presented with this pitiful sight.  I look like Ripley from Aliens 3. Got Lice?
I look like something out of Aliens 3

I had to fix that immediately. Some hair and makeup did wonders…
So serious

I would have preferred a much darker skin but Gallente natives are fair skinned.

I do like a tad serious there don’t ? Let’s fix that face, body and dress her up.
more curves and more meat

My booty

All dressed up
All dressed up….

Notice the high quality of the skin.
GoSpeed Racer in EVE Online

I’ve also added a few lines to her face, look in the corners of her eyes. The slider was 1/3 of the way up. %100 Slider would make GoSpeed look 50s-ish.