Cruising through the EVE Online forums this past week has revealed at lot of talent at avatar creation. Predictably some take a cursory swipe at creation, others get kinda silly while others don;t have a clue what to do. There are a few geniuses who have crafted avatars that make my jaw hit the floor. Here are two that show you how how malleable the tools are.

Yes, it’s Halle Berry!

And Conan O’Brien

I had mentioned in a previous post that these avatars will become fully animated and interactive in a future update called “Incarna“.

Here’s a presentation for that expansion:

Related to that is a FPS game in development from CCP called Dust 514 which inhabits the same universe as EVE Online. I picture Incarna as a bridge between EVE the spaceship game and Dust 514 the FPS combat game on the planets. To quote CCP games about DUST 514:

“More than a mere persistent world, DUST 514’s connection with EVE Online makes New Eden a true virtual reality. The planets that DUST 514 players fight on will be the same planets that EVE pilots see and interact with in space. Both worlds will be linked in such a way that cooperation between players is optional, but beneficial to both if accepted.

Long term, we aim to become the premier service provider of the complete science fiction experience, one in which the experience itself extends from the ground all the way up into space, and on every vehicle in between.”


Where you have soldiers and sailors you need civilians to service them and needing their protection.  Suppliers, bar owners, salesmen etc… You name it. Yes even fashion designers. Whereas Blue Mars wound up an also-ran EVE is onto an idea I hope bears fruit. A game that marries several genres into one coherent universe.