I know, I know. Yet another EVE posting. I’m sure you’ll love this one as I have a video depicting the tweaking of the faces and posing for snapshots. The actual body parts tweaking isn’t terribly exciting and it caused my recording software to stutter when I tried to record it. You’ll see me make a few small tweaks to the face however so you’ll get an idea of what it does.

This is the first subject, Rav. Following him is a revisit to GoSpeed’s avatar as she poses for pics. To get the best effect view in full screen mode.


If you’re fascinated by this please remember that it’s just a feature to take snapshots for EVE profiles. Once you create a “pose” and take a pic you’re basically done. EVE is a primarily spaceship based game. True avatar  interactions will not occur until this summer. Even then it may not be too terribly exciting for the typical Second Lifer, Blue Martian or Thereian. All I do know is the level of excitement about the upcoming avatars is pretty high. Time will reveal how things unfold.