As North America settles in for the big game night I’m off to an early bed call. Naw, not too interested in the game much. I did splurge on snacks so I displayed my support to the economy. Mmmm, fresh salsa, mmmm.

I did download the iOS app for Blue Mars and played with it for a bit. The 3D rendering is pretty impressive for an iPhone 3GS but that’s the most going for it in this particular iteration. I didn’t see my avatar listed until I did a search for it and subsequently voted on. Oh the voting is pretty whack. You can vote for yourself repeatedly to boost your ratings on the list. For those who bother to download it you’ll see that Tizzers Foxchase has learned how to scam the system so that she shows up first when you first run the app. I’m not too impressed with my avatar’s appearance either. The dark skin doesn’t show up very well on my screen. Personally I don’t understand why they released it now. It needs just a little bit more to make it feel like a proof of concept application.

There still is activity going on in the PC client. Several cities are being updated and Beach City now has a new block open for development:
Nope, not dead yet in Beach City
The main strip is behind me as I face south towards the mountains at the edge of the city (they’re about 4km away or about 16 SL sims distant).
A block ready for development in Beach City


Talk about top billing!

My name in lights!

My Name in Lights. This never gets old 🙂


Who is this? Freddie Mercury? Nope!

Cara Mia! It is Gomez Addams. Hats off to Stephen Venkman for the John Astin/ Gomez Addams shape. I’m sure it will be popular with the ladies 😉

I’ll leave you dear reader with another example of the new EVE avatars. This is Gospel Rasere, an avatar I created of the Brutor bloodline (Minmatari Empire).

Gospel Rasere has a grumpy

These faces are much more expressive than SL avatars. I suspect the poly count is much much higher than SL avatars. You hear that Blue Mars?  This the level of face and avatar detail you should make BM avatars.