At Bay City – 2, originally uploaded by ** GoSpeed Racer **.

Friday night my Google accounts were suspended and I had to reactivate them via the phone. Everything was restored except my G+ account. My profile was suspended due to a TOS violation. The message did not specify what I violated. Having heard about the problems others were having with SL names I changed my name to a real one. I sent an appeal and the next day it was denied so I went back in my profile and deleted most of my SL pics, uploaded a RL pic and added some more RL info. I resubmitted an appeal and justified the use of GoSpeed by pointing out my blog, Flickr stream, Twitter and Vimeo accounts I had used for about 4 years. Since Saturday it has still been in 2nd review and nobody has contacted me back.

It’s a little aggravating to see other SL avatar accounts get reinstated and they have made no changes to their profile.

Hey Google, how about a little customer service for a long time user, supporter and advocate for your services???