I finally got around to trying the Blue Mars Lite client today and I think it’s an interesting idea. Having played with the iPhone client for a few months I was eager to try something on a bigger screen and a space to move around and interact with others. Firing up the client I was able to pick from 5 permanent rooms to include places like Paris, Tokyo, New York, Hawaii, & Las Vegas.

Blue Mars LITE Vegas

Here’s my standing in the middle of the Road in a Google Street View image. When you walk down the street it loads up the next image down the road. Wherever there is an image you can go. Static pictures won’t work though. Chat is handled via chat bubbles and also a chat log window on the left. You can also open windows to view the profiles of other avatars and to change clothing on your own avatar.

I decided to create a room near where I live and chose a bridge crossing the Shenandoah River:

Blue Mars LITE 340

Here I met Kaz and a few other people where we discussed some of the things we discovered about the client.

This approach is interesting and has some potential. It has been tried before ala “Weblin” but instead of tiny little figures you have a full blown 3D avatar. Also the Weblin lived on web pages, these live on Street View (lol, streetwalkers).

I’d like to see a few more features here like gesture buttons and streaming media. You can buy clothes, hair and other accessories for your avatar. You can’t tweak your avatar’s face but you can select from dozens of individual face that are available. One point that still bothers me is avatar lighting. As with the iPhone app my avatar is way too dark and it’s hard to see her face in this client. Finally unlike the regualr client this viewer will work on Mac OS-X. So stop whining, seriously.


Irene was no big deal for us in the Shenandoah Valley. We had an inch of rain and some breezy conditions overnight. Just what the garden needed 🙂 . When I think of hurricanes and tornadoes this song always comes to mind. Something in the music reminds me of a whirlwind: