The day is over, time to relax on a warm blanket.

Ami : Go, I think Mrs Grouch is watching us.

GoSpeed: Let her watch, She has no power over me at all.

Ami: Really?

GoSpeed: Yup, if someone is going to hold a grudge for years, not say a word about it for years, and then throw it in your face without explaining why? You then come to the realization they really don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Ami: I would pity them.

GoSpeed: Why bother, it’s a waste of time and feelings. I’d rather feel good about someone than hate them or pity them. If they want to clear the air fine, otherwise I can do as I please.

Ami: Nods…. So what did you do today?

GoSpeed: I visited a nice large estate with plenty of open water and committed  acts of mass genocide.

Sunset in the Fruit Islands

Ami: What?

GoSpeed: I went fishing in my German trawler. I netted whole schools of fish and other sea life (including baby seals), asphyxiated them in the dry air and then placed them in  crates full of ice.

Ani: Go, you’re nuts.

GoSpeed: Yes I am!


One week later…….

I’ve been banned! Who knew fishing was illegal there! No note cards or signs? It’s a trap!