It’s often said that SL is populated by broken people who lack common social skills. It is also said that SL also weakens inhibitions and allows “normal” people to act on negative emotions and do things to others they wouldn’t normally do in real life. This was recently highlighted in GoGo’s latest blog post where she was banned from a region over trivial comments and factual statements made in previous product reviews. Imagine having your  copy of Windows 7 deactivated by Steve Ballmer because you commented on how difficult it was to set up networking.

It would be pretty pathetic move on his part. You could simply fall back to Windows XP, bootleg a copy of Windows 7 or even convert to a Macintosh. Ultimately his loss as you have plenty of choices and your story can turn off other buyers from doing business with him.

I’ve been banned from a few sims simply for being a blogger and for being friends with people who suddenly became unpopular. Recently I was estate banned from SLNE, Second Life New England for essentially petty reasons.

A bit of history:

Way back, 2006-2007 I called it home and made many friends there. I remember the estate growing from 8 sims to 18 sims and a vibrant engaging scene of sailors and live music made it the happening place to be. I also saw the merger of SLNE and Hollywood in what was to become a multi estate continent of connected sailing sims. But there was a certain amount of friction and drama to be sure. There was an ownership and managerial shakeup and I spent less time there. I still had many friends there and I would often attend concerts at the theater in Nantucket. KONA Stream was also carried in the common areas for a few years too and I was also hired to DJ various holiday and private parties. Around 2010 I stopped coming around as I had slowed my pace in SL .

This past winter I got back into sailing and flying and began to explore the Blake Sea regions to include some of the attached estates. One day I visited SLNE. I made the mistake of doing it in a ship that was apparently taboo,

Yes, that is a WW2 destroyer. After that I visited a few more times in a fishing boat and attended a concert. Then one day I was approaching the SLNE sims via Hollywood, when I was ejected from my Tako. The sailboat continued on as I sank to the bottom. A popup said I was banned from entering the region. Hmmm, not good. I contacted the estate owner and asked why. She replied that there was a weapons ban and that first time transgressors are banned. She also said that my blog post and Flickr shots was like an invitation to every weapons nut to come to the estate and cause mayhem.I was apologetic and offered to remove the photos from Flickr and edit the blog post to remove any reference to SLNE. She wasn’t satisfied with that and wanted me to post about how terrible it was for me to do that and also brought up that I had caused problems in the past. I had to scratch my head over that one as the drama days of SLNE happened 5 years ago (2007). If I had truly caused any grief why was I not banned way back then? Why was I paid estate money to DJ there many times? Of course there is no sane answer to that. I also rejected on principle to write a groveling blog post to please her. I don’t need to go there as there isn’t much they can offer. It’s no great loss. I had considered making a few digs at her, like “If SLNE is so great, why didn’t someone buy the Nantucket and Mystic commercial sims before Linden Labs reclaimed them for missing many months of tier payments?”  SLNE is a gutted,backwater place that now doesn’t have active events in it’s theater anymore. Like I said, not going to miss it.

What is really ironic about the situation is not only she petty about acting on a 5 year old grudge, but she actually believes an SL Blogger (especially of my stature) can harm her little sphere of interests. My humble little blog gets maybe 50-75 hits a day and very few comments. More notable bloggers get a few thousand hits a day. That may seem a lot but the readers of SL blogs are a very small minority of the total SL population. So while this post will have negligible impact on possible visitors it will mostly affect the overly sensitive and insecure people. Like certain estate managers. Yeah, you’re mad now, right?

And to close this here is a photoset of some of the pictures I’ve taken at SLNE over the years.