This past weekend marked the passing of 6 years in SL. What a long strange trip it has been.
A quiet rez day

Hey, even Linden Lab gave me a rez day cake! It was a nice gesture 🙂 . I doubt many people noticed as I haven’t spent much time in SL the past 6 months or so. I’ve been going through many changes in my real life and those matters occupy more and more of my time. Sometimes they slow down and I can pop back in world for a short time.

Time enough to pose for a picture with Tessa:

Oil Painting

Or just for myself:
Consider me

I notice that the PC client for Blue Mars is still working. There are still 36 “cities” up and running there with hardly anyone using them. Here’s a crazy idea. Linden Lab could buy all or part of Blue Mars and open it up to Premium users. There is a steadily growing base of creators in SL who work with mesh and many of their products could either be ported or recreated for Blue Mars. These cities have been up and running 24/7 the past few years so they can’t cost very much to maintain. One of SL’s weakest points is its horrible physics engine and its grid system.  Vehicle enthusiasts would certainly enjoy no sim crossings and maps up to 8000 meters per side.

Speaking of wide open spaces I am still cruising deep space with Space Engine. It’s still a few years away from having a game framework tacked on to it but in the meantime the exploration is still fun.
Low orbit
Sky neighbor
Fantastic sights above a spiral galaxy