A long long time ago, back in 2006 my avatar was very different. I used a simple shape and free, white skins. In March 2007 I decided to be different and use a dark “ebony” skin. Since then I’ve pretty much have had the same shape and upgraded skins a few times. Always ebony skins because it was part of my SL identity. It is interesting though to play with your look and try different things. I recently saw Marsha Runya post her pics on Flickr and liked her skin. I popped over to Glam Affair and got the Rosa Basic demo pack. The “African” skin was of course very nice, but I was intrigued by the lighter tones:
Glam Affair - Rosa basic - Jamaica demo 2

Glam Affair - Rosa basic - India demo 1

Not too bad really, but is it “me”? What do you think?

Christmas Confidence

My current LAQ skin