I’ve been playing with the ARMA3 Alpha and have been thoroughly engrossed by the 3D environment of the game ARMA3 is the successor to the Tactical shooter game, ARMA2. The vehicle and body physics are superb. The maps are up to 255 square kilometers in size. Yes, that is right, that is about 1000 SL sims in size with no awful sim crossings to contend with. IN the Alpha there are 3 cars, 2 helos, and two boats you can use to travel around the island of Stratis. The Beta is arriving soon and there will be even more vehicles to drive.

Nice wheels

If you want to get around quickly you need some wheels

Coming ashore

A boat is nice for cruising the rocky coast of this Greek island

Oooh, a beach

A beach!

Clouds set to Ultra realism

The clouds are gorgeous!