As you may recall from my last post I have been playing with the ARMA III alpha (now a beta) and marveling at the size of the maps. Up til recently all that was available was the Stratis island map which had about 20 sq KM of land area. This past week Bohemia Interactive released the Altis map (which is based on the real life island of Lemnos in the Aegean Sea).

Now for those of you familiar with island sizes in SL let’s begin a comparison. A sim in SL is 256 sq meters, that is, 256 meters on a side. 4 of them together is a bit over 1 sq KM at 1,024 sq meters.  So 20 sq KM in SL would be equal to 20,000 divided by 1,024 times 4 equals 78 SL sims. This is comparable to the Blake Sea region in SL.  The island of Altis has 270 sq KM of land area but if you include the adjacent water and bays it is 900 sq KM. In SL sims that is  1055 sims and 3515 sims respectively. This dwarfs even the Blue Mars maps which ranged up in size to 64 sq KM in area.

Here’s a few pictures from the island I’ve taken the past few days on my solo explorations:

Crossing the bay

A helo is a quick efficient way to traverse the island. I stink at flying helos! Ground vehicles are more my style.

Stranded wreck

I am on a hill west of the major airport about 3 kilometers away. Beyond it are 3 towers for solar power plants a further 2km beyond the airfield.
Road Trip

I prefer to drive an 8 wheeled APC due to its durability. If I lose control in a pickup or jeep I could wreck and be faced with a damaged vehicle or die!
You could land big cargo planes here

A salt flat on the eastern side of the island.

Heading right towards the next town
Town of Abdera on the left.
There are numerous small towns around the island.
Windmills on the NW coast

Front of the solar panels

Renewable energy figures importantly into the island infrastructure.

More pictures can be seen here in my ARMA III set


Altis map with Stratis alongside for camparison