Since the last post about ARMA 3 and the new island of Altis I’ve made more journeys around the island.

The skins are very lifelike and the clothing is made of mesh. While there are female skins made by modders there are no female shapes in ARMA. Hopefully this changes soon. Women do serve in combat jobs around the world and also as paramilitaries.

Way out

Riga view point


A scenic view from a hilltop

Getting some gas


Gas’em up!


Cloud panorama Center


Beautiful volumetric cloud

In the nighttime rain


A night light and some chem lights on the ground.


That town is 1200 meters away. Try that SL!

The main airfield in the distance


Predawn hours near the airport.

Extraction helo in the morning rays


Helo extraction

While there may be pumpkins in ARMA, the ones in SL are prettier 🙂