KONA Stream poster for SL - 1

Hi there fellow Second Lifers! I’d like to take the opportunity to announce a few developments with KONA Stream, an SL radio station I have a hand in running. KONA Stream has been operating in SL since October 2006 streaming music from the 60s,70, 80s. The genres we play are mainstream pop, rock, and Motown.  Our biggest listener base is Second Life residents and they account for %85 while the rest is among web listeners, smartphone users, and various station directories. We started with some 5,000 tracks back in 2006 and to date we now have over 14,000 tracks. Adding new music is a never ending job as we keep mining the classics and finding covers of the originals.

For our Second Life users we now have a new streaming URL:

This is stream is in the ogg-vorbis format encoded at 64Kbps / stereo / 100 slots. This format is equivalent to a 128kbps shoutcast stream, but with half the bandwidth. This means it is less likely to cut out on you when bandwidth is congested.


For listeners outside of SL we have several options to tune in with. There is our homepage; http://www.konastream.com from where you can click the PLAY button to tune in. You can have the option to listen with a web player or click a link to launch an external media player like Winamp, VLC, or Foobar.

For smartphone and tablet users  we now have our own app in 3 app stores. Those stores are  Blackberry, Apple. and Googleplay (forAndroid).

Android app

iPhone app

We are also listed in the TUNEIN.com directory and app. TUNEIN is an app for smartphones and is also on many multimedia devices to include web TVs, Rokus, cars and it is also a preinstalled app for Windows 8 !


Finally we have our own standalone player adapted from the Propfrexx * version. It works on a Windows 98 and above and .Net Framework 2.0 or above needs to be installed. For Vista and above that is already installed. To install just download from here:


Unzip into the desired directory and click the Propfrexx.exe file to run. The first time it runs a shortcut will be placed on your desktop. You’ll want to rename the shortcut to avoid confusion.

KONA Web Player

Click above the VU meters to change streams (KONA has an OGG, MP3 and AAC stream)

The volume slider is on the right of the play button.












Give us a listen, I am sure you’ll enjoy our music!