Web on a prim has been an SL feature since the introduction of Viewer 2. You can do a lot of things with this viewer that you can do with a normal browser. One thing that is exciting is the ability to play media content on flash based players. You may be familiar with Youtube on a prim. Not only can you watch video but you can also stream music via a web based flash player. As you may well now KONA Stream can be accessed in Second Life via the built in FMOD player on your Music channel. The URL in the land setting is what you are forced to listen to. Media playing on a prim comes over the Media channel.


So what exactly does this mean? It means you can listen or watch a stream that is independent of that played over the regular music channel. Let’s say you rent land and have no rights to change the music URL on the parcel. The land settings do not regulate what you can listen to over the media channel. If you wore a HUD or rezzed a prim with a media stream you can bypass that. This is good news if you hate your landlord’s choice of music be it 181.FM, the 80s Channel,  SOMA, or some other generic boring commercial stream.


KONA Stream has created and released a pair of devices that will allow you to listen to our stream no matter where you are on the grid. First is the Music HUD that will let you listen to the stream wherever you go.


KONA HUD is attached

Simply attach the HUD and click it or the HOME icon that will float above it. A short video ad will play and then music begins.
A KONA HUD in action

The music plays in full stereo with artist information displayed.


For your home you can opt for the wall mount display. Visitors will also be able to click it and tune in also.

Wall Mount 2


Click both faces to activate both screens.

Wall mount



Sounds settings

As is the viewer defaults to a sound rolloff range of 5-30 meters. As you move away from the wall mounted device the audio gets weaker. I recommend going into the sound settings and adjust it to at least 128 meters.


To get your own HUD go to the Marketplace and get one here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KONA-Stream-HUD-player/5893608

The Wall mount can be found here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KONA-Stream-Wall-Panel/5893685